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Activities that Build Character (ABC) Camps for children. Our camps are conducted at a variety of locations and are free for all who attend, but we try to target low income communities with higher migrant populations. Caring adults, conducting engaging guided activities, equal better outcomes for kids.- Tianjin 2017


Volunteer Super Heroes promoting awareness for Rare Diseases Day, working with the Brittle Bone Disease Association. These volunteers came from Denmark and Sweden to spend a semester working with children in Chinese kindergartens while earning their certificate to teach English as a foreign language. Tianjin. - 2017


A view from the peak of the Yellow Mountains, Anhui Province


Climbing the Yellow Mountains, Anhui Province.


Practical disaster recovery training for teachers from the Wenchuan earthquake zone. This devastating 8.0 magnitude quake left over 87,000 dead or missing, 347,000 injured and over 5 million homeless. Many schools collapsed and teachers carried the burden of helping the children while dealing with their own trauma. We made six trips to work with teachers, and created and distributed 20,000 free handbooks that were approved by the Ministry of Education. Sichuan - 2008


Student Volunteer Training at the Science and Technology University, Interest in student volunteering has grown enormously in China in the last decade. Tianjin - 2016

Lotus pond, Chengdu, Sichuan Province.


Resilience activities for children with Cerebral Palsy. This enthusiastic crowd consisted of kids, parents and medical staff. Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, 2013


Centuries old architecture in Anhui Province.


Free Community Summer Camps for Children, reaching 5 districts across Tianjin - 2017


The grasslands outside Hailaer, Inner Mongolia.


Learning teamwork through games at summer camp, Tianjin - 2017

Hospital Crafts

Story, game and art activities at the Blood Diseases Hospital. The children here are being treated for leukemia. Play is very important for hospitalized children and helps them regain a sense of normalcy. Creative art helps children whose lives have been disrupted by chemotherapy. It helps them relieve stress, find joy and discover self-expression, Tianjin - 2013


Children's Day at the Pediatric Tumor Ward, Every week, Healing Young Hearts volunteers conduct story, play and art activities with the children at the Cancer Hospital. The children look forward to these visits and a chance to enjoy just being kids again. Tianjin - 2017


Sichuan earthquake zone, Dujiangyan - 2008


Steep stairs on the path to the top of the Yellow Mountains, Anhui Province.


Activities for rural schools who have a large percentage of 'Left Behind Children' whose parents must migrate to the large cities to seek work. It is a growing problem effecting large areas of China as many children only see their parents once a year or less . Jixian County - 2016


Students volunteers from Nankai University, Tianjin University,Tianjin Foreign Studies University and the Civil Aviation University of China learn games to help children build resilience skills. - 2014


Village scene, Anhui Province.


Working with children traumatized by the Binhai New Area explosions. When a warehouse storing chemicals in the port area of Tianjin exploded, buildings within a 2 km radius sustained shattered glass or structural damage, affecting over 17,000 living units. The explosion was equal to 22 tons of TNT. Many children had difficulty sleeping afterwards and feared returning home to their apartments. Story sessions help the children make sense of what happened to them, and feel safe. Tianjin - 2015

Tianjin University 2015

Tianjin University is the oldest institution of higher education in the history of modern China. The university now offers an accredited course in Public Welfare and Volunteerism. Students in the course take part in Healing Young Hearts training and activities and create their own volunteer projects to serve the community. Tianjin - 2015


Lotus fields and path at the Qing emperor's summer palace in Hebei Province.

Beijing Psychology Mtg

Speaking at the Beijing Mental Health Commitee on the role of community volunteers. Compassionate volunteers can provide emotional support activities for children facing challenging life circumstances. Stories, art, drama, games and play activities help children relieve stress and regain a sense of normalcy after disaster or chronic illness. Beijing - 2009

With Eric Kossoff

Healing Young Hearts display at the Charlie Foundation for Ketogenic Therapies Global Symposium, with Dr. Eric Kossoff of Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Kossoff, who developed the modified Atkins diet for seizures, helped us produce our training DVD for Chinese neurologists and families. Meryl Streep spoke at the symposium in support of ketogenic therapy. Her movie, "First Do No Harm" is a must see on the subject. Chicago - 2012


Temple architecture at Chengde, Hebei Province.

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